The FUTURE is WILD transports us millions of years into the future. Imagining a world without humans is not easy but we can be sure that life will continue. Through the great and continuous process of evolution new and bizarre creatures will appear… Over five years of development and research has been undertaken by a team of leading natural history filmmakers, eminent scientists and an EMMY-Award winning graphic facility. Blue-chip natural history producers together with state-of-the-art computer animations have been able to use the scientists’ projections to create The FUTURE is WILD brand. A global audience will avidly follow the lives and adventures of the future inhabitants of the Earth, as the enthralling images fill the imagination.

The FUTURE is WILD – a unique entertainment and publishing franchise that for the first time brings together and brands the future and natural worlds.
It takes you into a world in the far, far distant future – into a world with no people, a world very different from today. What will our planet look like? What creatures will walk the land and swim the sea?

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We have released our first multi-touch book:
“The FUTURE is WILD – The Living Book”.

What will life on Earth be like millions of years in the future? Will people still inhabit the Earth? What new life forms will come to be? And how will they fight for survival?

Find answers to all these questions in an amazing multi-touch book. It contains movie clips from the original Award winning TV documentary series and interactive elements. Our multi-touch book is available in all iBookstores worldwide.

Between scientific fact and fiction, the expected and the unexplainable, there are still some things we have yet to imagine…

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